Infographic: What do Millennials Eat?

As we already mentioned in this article, the millennials are currently the most exciting generation of product and service companies because of their buying power, shopping demands and capacities. One of the things that the millennials do not feel sorry paying for is food. Research shows that they spend more money on food than previous generations, and they are quite picky and opinionated about their food choices. They are in the loop about trendy restaurants, curious about food ingredients, and they carefully read food reviews in magazines and online media. Consequently, the appetites and eating habits of the Millennials are different, and food producers need to keep up with the change in the food scene to cater to desires of this growing population.

The following infographic presents information about the eating habits of the Millennials and the factors that shaped them, from the digital revolution to economic and obesity crisis. Take a look and discover some interesting and contradictory information related to this topic, find out what the millennials typically have for lunch, and have fun reading about the eating habits of some of the famous millennial celebrities.

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