Beyond Meat CEO Says Plant-Based Protein is the Future

Beyond Meat is a privately held company based El Segundo, California. Its CEO, Ethan Brown, believes plants are the future of protein. Beyond Meat is on the cutting edge of plant protein research and development. The company’s aim is to drive progress and innovation; it provides plant-based protein foods – without compromising the satisfaction, chew, or taste of meat. The company makes all its meat substitutes with pea or soy protein and without bioengineered ingredients, gluten, trans fats, dairy, or cholesterol. It’s all about creating a product that is completely indistinguishable from animal protein but with health benefits. They believe the future of protein is increasingly plant-based. Cattle farming is responsible for between 18 and 51 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and is also land and water–intensive. That’s why Beyond Meat is racing to diversify protein sources so as to be able to feed the world’s population for as long as possible.

Why Beyond Meat and Plant-Based Protein?

While talking to Food Business News, Brown said they’re not there yet, but every day they do get closer, and they do know that it’s scientifically possible. To support its growth, the company recently hired three food industry veterans: Jerry Joye, as the COO of Beyond Meat – he is the former COO of Fiji Water; Mark Mortimer, as the chief commercial officer of Beyond Meat – he is the former chief customer officer and president of Annie’s, Inc.; Mark Nelson, as the CFO of Beyond Meat – he was most recently the treasurer and CFO at Farmer Brothers Co.

A report by Markets and Markets, released in August 2015, lists Beyond Meat as one of the leading players in the global meat substitutes market, and projects that by 2020 that market will reach $5.17 billion, representing a CAGR of 6.4 percent from 2015. The company uses protein from plants to create products ranging from meatballs and burgers to chicken poppers. It has partnered with elite athletes to promote the benefits of plant-based protein. Specific partners include Tia Blanco, J.J. Redick, Maya Moore, David Wright, Eric Bledsoe, April Ross, and Maggie Vessey. The athlete partners come from the AVP, WNBA, MLB, NBA, and World Surf League.

At Beyond Meat, their plant-based meats let consumers continue to eat what they love, from vegetables to chili to Bolognese to burgers to hemp, without the downsides of animal protein. Beyond Meat’s, convenient and tasty products can be found at Safeway, Whole Foods, Target Publix, and in over 7,500 stores across the US and growing. Beyond Meat realized that many plant proteins contain components that promote overall bodily health and can help protect against chronic disease. Nuts, soy beans and legumes are three plant-based sources of protein that possess such beneficial properties.

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