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CytoSport Eyes Plant-Based Proteins In New Product Line

Protein drinks are growing in popularity among multiple generations of people. Athletes are using drinks to improve their performance when playing sports. Protein drinks are believed to improve performance and increase muscle mass. But while dairy-based protein shakes are still popular, there is an increasing trend of people who opt for dairy-free protein beverages. Muscle Milk Maker, CytoSport, released a line of vegan protein shakes, powder, and bars to meet the demands of its vegan and vegetarian customers.

CytoSport Launches Evolve Brand to Compete in Plant-Based Protein

Dubbed as Evolve, this new CytoSport product is made from non-GMO, plant-based protein. Derived from peas, this new line of vegan protein products come in flavors like chocolate, toasted almonds, and vanilla. With this move, CytoSport is expecting to expand their customer reach to vegans and vegetarians, who naturally do not buy their products because they are dairy-based.

Greg Longstreet, the CEO, noted that the company needs to expand their market and they predict that plant-based proteins will dominate the market ten years from now. Although this is not the first time that the company has made innovations, launching Evolve is a very bold move by the corporation as it is well-known for making conventional protein shakes and powders. The move is beyond what the company is usually used to making.

Why Plant Proteins?

But why plant proteins? There is a premise that plant proteins are better sources of protein.  In fact, it is not only CytoSport that is now developing products using plant-based proteins. Even companies like Hormel, General Mills, Kellogg’s, and Tyson Foods have invested in plant-based proteins.

Aside from increasing revenue and improving their market reach, Evolve is also a way to introduce healthy drinks to women. The thing is that while the Muscle Milk brand is preferred mostly by men, Evolve was launched with female consumers in mind. It contains fewer calories than normal dairy-based protein shakes.

The Future for CytoSport

But while plant-based protein products are gaining traction in the market these days, CytoSport is facing a significant barrier as there are still many people who believe that consuming eggs and milk are the best sources of protein, instead of plants. Although this may be the case, the company is still banking on the belief that people will have a change of heart in the coming years. This is the reason why the company is developing other plant-based proteins. As a sampler, the company is going to launch its line of protein bars this coming spring.

The company is hopeful that the plant-based proteins will be embraced by the consumers of the future a.ka. Millennials. Aside from CytoSport, even Hormel is confident with this particular line of product. In fact, Hormel CEO Jim Snee noted that the company is projected to increase its sales by 2020.

Mainly, plant-based products will dominate the market as more and more people are now embracing the trend of eating clean and healthy foods. As consumers, we should expect to see a lot of food companies following suit to meet the demands of consumers who have converted to eating clean, organic and healthy foods.

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