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Infographic: Plant Based Protein Supplements

The world of protein is starting to take a hard look in the mirror. Whey and meat sources work tremendously well at building muscle, but they have several downsides. Innovative companies have started to harness a more natural and holistic approach to plant based proteins from peas, brown rice, hemp, and soy. Below is an infographic that makes the case for plant based protein supplements and their advantage over traditional whey based protein supplements.

plant based protein

Infographic created by artofwellbeing.com


Plant Based Protein Innovation @ Beyond Meat

A proud partner of NutriFusion® is the plant-based protein innovator, Beyond Meat. Beyond Meat is transforming the way we think about meat with new pea protein-based burgers and chicken. We are an active supporter of their commitment to clean, plant-based protein. Check out this short video from Beyond Meat about their products and the leadership team behind the future of protein.

Beyond Meat products are committed to natural ingredients and use our GrandFusion fruit and vegetable nutrients in a variety of their products. We are excited to see their brand grow and shape the bright future of protein!